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2024 Boston Chapter WISE Within Mentorship Program Applications Open!

What is the WISE Within Mentor Program?
WISE Within is a six-month long mentor program where senior-level leaders are
paired with mentees with the goal of sharing their knowledge and experience. For
the mentor, it is a way to guide and empower the future generation of leaders,
and for the mentee, this is an incredible chance to grow professionally.
These one-to-one pairings are carefully selected so that they create a strong and
valuable bond. It is important to share that not everyone who applies will be
selected/matched, however, throughout the year we will be organizing multiple
events for you to have the opportunity to network with other mentors and
mentees of the program.
What’s the timeline of the program and how can I apply to be a
mentor or mentee?
Applications for the program are open now through March 15th . This information
you provide in your application will help us pair you with the person that best
benefits your career goals. Please click HERE to apply no later than
March 15th.
We anticipate selecting and pairing the mentees with mentors no later than April
15 th and we will contact everyone that applies to inform them of their application
Wise Within will kick-off their first session in early May and the program will run
through October. The sessions will be comprised of a combination of in-person
and zoom sessions along with the one-on-one meetings the mentors and
mentees arrange on their own schedule.
Not available right now to join our in-person mentoring program?  Or looking for
mentorship around the country? Consider WISE’s national platform and you can
learn more here

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